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Order flowers through us for Memorial Day or the Christmas season, and we will place them at your loved one’s grave.

Call us at 402-391-3711.

See flower arrangement options below.

Winter Flowers

Christmas season decorations ordered through Catholic Cemeteries will be placed the week after Thanksgiving. Grave blankets and anything that impedes growth will be removed in early March. All other decorations left on gravesites after March 31 will be discarded. Order early, as quantities are limited. We reserve the right to substitute.

Artificial Wreath

Artificial Wreath
with easel – $50

Artificial Cross

Artificial Cross
with easel – $45

Artificial Tree

Artificial Tree
with easel – $45

Artificial Deluxe Holiday Mix

Deluxe Holiday Mix
vase not included – $40

Artificial Poinsettia

Artificial Poinsettia
vase not included – $25

Fresh Wreath

Fresh Wreath
24″ – with easel – $50

Fresh Blanket

Fresh Grave Blanket

Artificial Niche Poinsettia

Artificial Niche Poinsettia
vase not included – $20

Spring Flowers

Memorial Day decorations will be placed on Thursday, prior to Memorial Day. After the holiday, all decorations will be discarded one week from Memorial Day. Order early, as quantities are limited. We reserve the right to substitute. Vases not included.

Peony Tribute $20

Artificial Peony Tribute

Patriotic Tribute $20

Artificial Patriotic Tribute

Spring Tribute $20

Artificial Spring Tribute

Large Cross $25

Artificial Large Cross
(Easel included)

Deluxe Memorial Tribute $25

Deluxe Artificial Memorial Tribute

Red Roses $25

Artificial Red Roses

niche crypt bouquet

Artificial Niche/Crypt Bouquet

live planter

Live Planter

Decoration Policies

Our decoration policies are designed for you to honor your loved ones while maintaining the beauty and sacredness of our consecrated grounds.

Spring/Summer Decoration Guidelines

Flat Markers
Only fresh flowers are permitted in permanent and approved in-ground vases from April 1 through Nov. 2.

Appropriate decorations may be placed year-round on the base of an upright monument as long as they do not interfere with the daily care of the cemetery.

Mausoleums, Crypts, Niches
Items can only be placed in an approved vase attached to a crypt or niche front. No items can be taped, wired or otherwise attached to the crypt or niche front. All decorations should remain within the panel of the crypt or niche front and should not encroach on adjacent niches or crypts. Fresh flowers are not permitted in a mausoleum, and will be discarded. Certain niches were not designed or intended to have flower vases. Unapproved vases are not permitted and will be discarded. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the Cemetery Office at 402-391-3711.

Winter Decoration Guidelines

Appropriate artificial decorations may be placed Nov. 2 through March 31. Items such as grave blankets that cover the ground must be removed by March 1.

We recommend that vases be left turned down in the cemeteries during the winter months. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the cemetery office at 402-391-3711.