Winter Work (of Love)
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Winter Work (of Love)

Winter Work (of Love)

When it gets cold, the work for our operations crew gets harder. When it snows, the work load really goes up.  That’s why during the winter, cemeteries need at least two days’ notice to perform a committal.  The team has to locate the grave, then remove snow, sometimes LOTS of snow.  Then break open a frozen space and remove the dirt, followed by opening a path on the grounds wide enough for pall bearers to carry a casket, and for family and friends to get to the final resting space.

While doing this, another crew is removing snow from the cemetery roads, clearing sidewalks and parking lots, applying salt and sand, and leading funeral processions to the appropriate locations.

It’s a lot of work. But, we do it for the families, who we know are also encountering a task that can be difficult emotionally.  Our team shows the love for the families by eliminating much of the physical barriers of performing an interment during the winter.  Hard work?  Yes.  Worth it to make the families task a little easier and safer?  Absolutely.

When you see our ops guys on the grounds, please take the opportunity to tell them “thanks” for all the work they do in the cold to make interments, and your visit, a little easier.