Priest Circle Statue Renovation, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
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Priest Circle Statue Renovation, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

Priest Circle Statue Renovation, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

We are about to begin the deconstruction, refurbish, and rebuild of the features in the Priest Circle in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 49th and Leavenworth. The feature statues and altars were originally constructed in the 1930’s, with the bronze statuary coming from Italy. In 1969 the structure was disassembled and new granite installed. Now 90 years after the original installation, the statues and structures are showing severe deterioration. As well, parts of the front altar have been lost over time. It is time to bring this back from the brink.

We’ve contracted with three groups to bring this structure back to pristine: Big Muddy Workshop as the general contractor, Prairie Construction to disassemble everything and then rebuild the altars and other concrete/granite work, and John Lajba, local artist and friend of the cemeteries, to repair the bronze statues. Disassembly will occur this fall. The project will take almost a year to complete. The project is estimated at $150,000 to complete.

Established in 1873, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was included on the National List of Historic Places in 2016. The most significant structure is the rendition of the Crucifixion, located in the middle of the “Priest Circle” in the center of the cemetery. While the Priest Circle is the final resting place for many Jesuit priests, there are also Columban, Redemptorist, Franciscan, and Archdiocesan priests laid to rest there.

You can join us in this significant restoration by making a contribution toward the project. Consider making your contribution in honor of a priest, living or deceased, who had an impact on you or one of your loved ones. When the project is complete, we will read the names of all the priests who were to be remembered through this restoration. Your gift will impact generations of visitors to come and show tremendous support for the priests who have dedicated their lives to serving each and every one of us. Copy, print and complete the form below and return to us today. God Bless.

TO MAKE A GIFT copy, print and complete this form and mail to: Catholic Cemeteries – Archdiocese of Omaha, 7710 West Center Road, Omaha, NE 68124 I want to support the preservation and re-construction of the Priest’s Circle in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery as follows: __ $10,000 __ $5,000 __$1,000 __$500 __$250 __$100 __OTHER________ I would like my gift to recognize the following priest who positively impact me: __ In Memory of _______________________________________ Or, if living: __ In Honor of__________________________________________ PAYMENT OPTIONS __Check enclosed payable to Catholic Cemeteries – Archdiocese of Omaha, or __Please charge my credit card: __VISA __ Mastercard __ Discover __ AmericanExpress Card Number:__________________________ Expiration Date_______ Sec. Code_____ Credit Card billing address: Your Street_____________________________ City and Zip Code________________________ Your Signature__________________________ Phone Number:_________________________