Dan Keller
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Author: Dan Keller

Little Miracles

A wonderful September morning at Catholic Cemeteries.  We've just completed a summer where we are still over 10" below the normal rainfall averages.  And yet, look at the loads of red fruit on this ornamental tree!  In the midst of a drought year, God provides

September Project

Our Operations crew is constantly at work.  Here, on this beautiful September morning, Marygrace, Thomas, and Perry are transplanting yew bushes from another part of the cemetery that is being re-worked to the entrance of Resurrection Cemetery.  When you love your job and the people

What to do on a warm afternoon?

Looking for something to do on a warm afternoon?  Do like these two:  grab your friend and a couple of chairs and umbrellas, and head to the cemetery for a little prayer and remembrance time.  We miss our loved ones.  But having a specific place that friends

Summer Seminarians

Each year as we add seasonal positions, we reserve 2 or 3 positions for seminarians.  This practice meets several objectives:  We typically get good, dedicated summer help, the seminarians get some practical experience in what it takes to operate a cemetery and minister to families who

CHI – Infant Interments

Twice per year Catholic Cemeteries - Archdiocese of Omaha partners with CHI Health and Heafey Hoffman Dvorak & Cutler Funeral Home to perform a charitable committal of infants lost to miscarriage.  Catholic Cemeteries provides at no cost to the families the community crypt space for

Holy Sepulchre Map Improvements

We have recently made enhancements to our on-line cemetery map for Holy Sepulchre. To view this new map: • go to www.Catholiccem.com, click on “Our Cemeteries”, • then click on “Holy Sepulchre”. • Scroll half way down and click on “show